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How this site works

Obchodní profil

How this portal work?

Dear user, at first allow us to welcome you to this business platform, and thank you for your interest in learning more about our services.

This portal is a user-friendly automated online business and marketing platform that serves registered users for maximum promotion of your company's profile, including the current supply of goods and services, events, articles, and also to potential job offers. Due to the large amount of information on registered businesses and the current offer will receive regular user quality information on which may decide to purchase goods or services directly from the vendor.

Advertising free for all users, including many online business and marketing services.

Business services on portal

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Companies and Suppliers

Katalog FiremCatalog companies and suppliers in your area, broken down by category. Here you will find information about the company, contact information and current complete the offer.
Looking for suppliers? Look at the company tab on the top menu and search supplier  according to your requirements.


Obchodní poptávkyDemand service offers award business demand free for all. Looking for the best supplier for the acquisition of new products or services? Look at the company tab, or you can add demand, which will address hundreds of suppliers in the category demanded at one time.

Products for sale

Katalog zbožíCatalog of goods and products on the portal is divided by category. Looking for products directly from the vendor? Look at the products tab on the top menu and search products, that you can possibly equal to order and purchase.

Discount vouchers for sale

Katalog slevových voucherůCatalog of discount vouchers is on the portal divided by category. Find the best discount vouchr from suppliers in your area? Browse vouchers tab on the top menu and search discount voucher, that you can possibly equal to order and purchase.

Catalog of services

Katalog služebThe service catalog is the portal, divided by category. Looking for quality service? Look at the services tab on the top menu a search the service according to your requirements, which can optionally also be ordered directly.


 Aktuální údálostiIn the tab event on the portal you will learn what is actually happening, where you can entertain or conveniently buy or learn something interesting. You do not know what to do in your free time? Look at the events tab on the top menu and see current events divided by category.

Articles and news

Katalog FiremNews and information about the companies and their current events. Want to learn something new from the world of business? Browse articles tab in the top menu, where you can find current articles and news and information based on what interests you. Articles are divided by category.

Job Demands and Offers

Nabídky práceAre you offering or looking for a better job or a summer job? Visit the tab Work on the portal and see job current offers and demands registered employers.

Free advertising

Inzerce ZDARMADo you have something to sell or exchange. Want to know whether what you're looking for someone to sell around? Have a bookmark advertising in the top menu current advertisements divided by category, where you can also add advertisement for free.

Email marketing

Email marketingReach your neighborhood simply by sending out a newsletter with your current offering. We offer a simple environment where Premium users can send their advertising emails.


Ostatní služby B2CAdvertising banners on the portal, advertising logos, including a profile topování and many other B2C advertising services. Reach your neighborhood simply by sending out a newsletter with your current offering. We offer a simple environment where Premium users can send their advertising emails.


Online sale of your products and discount vouchers

Every registered entrepreneur has the opportunity to sell their goods and discount vouchers through B2C portals. Individual products and discount vouchers are simply adding and managing your profile.

Payments for goods and discount vouchers: All payments for goods and discount vouchers paid directly to the vendor.

All orders will go to email and can be found also in your profile. Every order you want to realize you have to accept. Acceptance of the order while ordering confirm that you stock and possibly also can arrange individual cost of goods sold.


Advetising on portal

Use actively online trading tools and promote its current offer on the Internet to raise awareness about your company

The influx of new customers and increase sales volume in your hands using advertising campaigns on B2C portals.

Display and promotion of your logo in the header of the portal, including prolink to your business profile (fee of 40 CZK).
Displaying banners on the home page, including business portal prolink to your business profile (FEE under the banner position from 200 CZK).
Topování your profile including current offer - the first position on the home page business website, including the first position of your current product offerings, vouchers, etc. (FEE single 100 CZK).
Sending promotional emails - For Premium users create a free profile on partner site where you get the code and distribute their advertising campaigns on 20,000 emails (You can also buy a replacement lot of emails SINCE 490 CZK / 20000 e-mails).


Registrace na B2CYou are a businessman, a company or a sole trader? Register to receive business tools for publishing your current bid to acquire new customers and maximum promotion of your company.
SHIFTING COMPANY AND OFFERS ON THE PORTAL is appropriate for the service package, PREMIUM users are shown FIRST.

During registration, you choose the type of the registration package to the services they prefer. After completing and sending the registration form you will be asked to pay a registration package, and after payment you will receive confirmation of activation profile, email address, including the document for payment.


START - Registration free

For private advertisers, we have prepared a package START, which is FREE. If the announced action and businessman chose this package will receive ZENIT free as well. You can test administration profile and promote your free society. Registered entrepreneur with this package START does not have access to market demands and can also promote products, services, events, jobs and can also publish articles.

Výhody registraceWe offer you a simple effective online sales tool where all your products entered into the system will be automatically promoted on Google, and also your products anyone can buy online 24/7. Sell and promote with us. The fee for brokering the sale is 5-10%. Orders for verification are automatically sent to your email.

Business B2C portals offer a complete range of online marketing tools in one. You will get an effective tool to promote your current business offers, reaching potential customers through advertising campaigns and online sales of your products and discount vouchers.

Include your company among the company's B2C registrations can create international business profile and promoting your current bid to increase awareness of your company.

Do you want to have access to current demands from the market at rates in the Czech Republic but also throughout the world? You need to have effective tools to disclosure and selling your current offer goods, services, discount vouchers, events, etc.? To cheaply mass-promote your business using online advertising campaigns? Keep all these tools available 24/7 on your profile .....

Register your company

Profile administration


On the basis of your registration and your login information will be created online business profile of the company to which you can enter anytime after logging in and edit the content of your profile and offer.

Please note: All content published entrepreneur is not korekturován by the operator, so you need to take extra care and avoid mistakes or typos in the text. Please pay attention on timeliness of the information and your existing offerings.

In your profile you can freely enjoy all the services of the portal according to your chosen registration package including advertising campaigns, which are paid once during use.

Price of packages and services

  • Package Basic - USD 29,-
  • Package Standard - USD 49,-
  • Package Premium - USD 99,-
  • Promotion of the logo including a link to your profile - USD 2,-
  • Promotion, including an ad banner link to your profile for 7 days - from USD 10,-
  • First position of your profile (recommended company) - once the very first position on the portal, including the current menu - USD 5,-
  • First position of your advertisement (recommended advertisements) - once the very first position on the portal - USD 3,-
  • Highlighting the advertisement, product voucher, once USD 2,- 


Payments on portal

Payment methods accepted for the ordered services and registration packages on the business portal:

Paypal  Bankovní převodVložení na účet

Payment for purchased goods and discount vouchers pay sellers directly according to their defined and accepted payment methods.

Contact on administrator

Contact the portal with your question several ways.
Preferentially contact the portal, each registered entrepreneur at any time by sending an authorized request from your profile.
Additionally, you can also use the contact form in the contacts tab, or you can use the online chat on portal pages.

All communication is done electronically due to easy data storage.

Thank you and we look forward to our cooperation.

Do business and promote cheaply and easily with your profile on international B2C portals

How does it work?

Are you interested in our services? Fill in your email address and you'll receive instructions in pdf.

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