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Welcome to web portal company ROYAL EBANK Nadační Fond. Our team of professionals operating worldwide is at your complete disposal. Marketing and promotion of business on the internet is taking more than 10 years, and given the wide range of our services, we are among the leaders in the field.

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Build awareness of your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business. The more high-quality and timely information about your business you provide, the wider range of potential customers to reach. It is therefore important to inform you of your current range of goods and services and that is why there are our modern online business portals.

Unique interactive business portals B2C provides many tools that you can use to start your business.

It does not matter if you are looking for reliable suppliers volunteers to help out, come to the market with a great new product, or the need to support the promotion of your brand. With all will help your business profile on B2C portals.

Because of ways to give your business a new impetus to our portal is truly inexhaustible, we have prepared the summary and provide their specific experience for our users.

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What do users say about B2C trading platforms

Companies and suppliers

Catalog of companies and suppliers from around the world divided by category. Find a reliable supplier has never been easier.

Propagace a prodejA year ago, I spent two weeks looking for a firm that would do to my e-shop has supplied quality printed T-shirts printed. I finally got a company that goods supplied me with a lag, and I could start looking again.
From the moment I have a profile on is finding new suppliers a piece of cake. And when they happen to my existing supplier failed, so now I know that there are two more in my neighborhood.

Jitka Malá
e-shop operator



Unsure of whom in the catalog companies reach out with your demand? Enter the public inquiry, which will address hundreds of suppliers in the category demanded.

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We decided for our regular customers organize an event associated with an interesting banquet. But where to find someone who understands good food when we ourselves do business mainly with iron?
It saved us request via our profile on We got 8 different menus and finally we have selected an agency that offered the original Japanese sushi show. Although it was not the cheapest offer, but our clients to this event just forget about it and we went.

Jaroslav Tuhý
business director


Catalog of products

Anything is possible to produce, can be found in our product catalog, along with contacts with producers and for selected products with the option to purchase directly from the portal Products in the catalog are clearly divided by category.

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We were looking for furniture for our new office, ideally from a company that delivers furniture and its establishment. The product catalog on we naklikali required pieces of furniture directly from the manufacturer, enabling us on our wishes and assembled furniture in our office. Events ball lightning is successfully behind us.

Václav Potměšil
operations engineer



Catalog of services

You need a new website, tidy office, or training for your employees? Any service found in the catalog of services from
The catalog is divided neatly and offers the service ordered directly from the supplier.

Propagace Vašich služebWhen founding the company, we have decided that we will outsource accounting, but the menus on the Internet is difficult to navigate. He saved us through the portal where we found the service to meet our needs and directly contacted the company, which had offered. They make us accounting for over a year and I think it's great money invested.

Tomáš Steklý
company owner



Catalog of discount vouchers

Discount vouchers never been easier to buy - on a single portal compare between competitors and buy the best.

Propagace a prodej z Vašeho eshopuI wanted make happy girls who travels around to our business as obchoďačky fabric shops across the country. Money is not completely spare, but I went through a summary of the most exciting discount vouchers portal and found vouchers for massages for a great price. The girls are happy and me too, thanks a lot for this selection.

Veronika Millerová
owner of fashion company



Articles and news

Reporter business news and articles is a great place where you can show off your corporate promotions, or that come up with a product that no one else.
Stay in touch with articles on the portal

Aktuality a názoryRecently we opened our first branch of our e-shop and thanks to the article that we put into the portal arrived for the event two of our potential suppliers, who resides in the place of our new branch. The two minutes that I have dedicated the award event on your site, we paid off richly.

Zuzana Doudová
e-shopu owner




Job offers and demands

Propagace nabídek práce zdarmaFind Quickly volunteers to do your warehouse and experienced professionals in your IT department. All neatly portal Our printers often need skilled volunteers. Thanks to the portal can find them quickly and I'm sure there are people who watch their discipline.

Pavel Štika
owner of polygrafic company




Try B2C portals for free

Katalog FiremBy registering on the portal get only the services portal according to the chosen level, but also become a member of the rapidly growing group of successful entrepreneurs who use our services.



Propagace a prodej z Vašeho eshopuFree Advertising 

I sold my apartment for a long time could not. Thanks I managed to sell the apartment for a week. It is a new, simple and it works great. I therefore recommend that all advertising services.

Petr Loužil



Propagace a prodej z Vašeho eshopuMailing

Beginning a business is never easy. To marketing we have invested tens of thousands of miserable and without effect. Registration for the site and their marketing services drove our business and the purchase of wrecks week.

Jan Berousek

Reach your neighborhood simply by sending out a newsletter with your current offering. We offer a simple environment where Premium users can send their advertising emails.


Advertising on portal

Ostatní služby B2CAdvertising banners on the portal, advertising logos, including a profile topování and many other B2C advertising services. Reach your neighborhood simply by sending out a newsletter with your current offering. We offer a simple environment where Premium users can send their advertising emails.

Once again, therefore Welcome to B2C portals and look forward to our cooperation

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