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The ROYAL EBANK Nadační Fond issues these general conditions to the Treaty on the provision of services on an active catalog and marketplace​


Introductory provision

  1. These General Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") govern the mutual rights and obligations of ROYAL EBANK Nadační Fond (Hereinafter the "ROYAL EBANK" or "provider"),  VAT: 05253543, address: Českých bratří 7, 53304 Sezemice, CZECH REPUBLIC as providers and all third parties who register on the active catalog and marketplace operated by ROYAL EBANK:,  (Hereinafter the "Server"), thus enters into a contract for the provision of services of the Server Recipients (hereinafter the "registered user", "user" or "beneficiary"). These GTC are for all registered users of server binding, as when registering at a site confirmed that he met with these Terms and Conditions, they agree with them and approach them.
  2. ROYAL EBANK is a company ROYAL EBANK Nadační Fond,  IČ: 05253543, adresa: Českých bratří 7, 53304 Sezemice, CZECH REPUBLIC
  3. The server is divided into different categories (the "Categories"), which divide the registered users according to their business or business segments.
  4. Registered user acknowledges that his registration on the Site concludes with ROYAL EBANK contract under the conditions of the GTC.
  5. ROYAL EBANK declares that the conditions for registration on the Site is the manifestation of the will of the person who registers to be bound by these GTC, with the registration of the contract under the terms of these Terms and Conditions, without taking into such an agreement is not possible to register on the Site.
  6. ROYAL EBANK declares that the conditions for registration on the Site is the manifestation of the will of the person who registers to be bound by these GTC, with the registration of the contract under the terms of these Terms and Conditions, without taking into such an agreement is not possible to register on the Site.
  7. These GTC are an integral part of the contract between ROYAL EBANK and all registered users on the server and are published directly on "portal name/term-and-conditions/" and also on website of the independent Internet project intended for publication of documents where they are posted, and where is the registered user or any third party at any downloaded electronically.
  8. The subject of the contract is the obligation of providers to provide services under the agreed conditions set out below and the commitment of the recipient for these services pay providers a fee.



Provided services


  1. ROYAL EBANK provides all registered users of server services, specifically those:
    1. Inclusion and promotion in the catalog,
    2. Product promotion,
    3. Services promotion,
    4. Discount promotion,
    5. Business demands,
    6. Events promotion,
    7. Articles promotion,
    8. First position,
    9. Advertising banners,
    10. Logo promotion,
    11. The management of internal business account,
    12. Online sale of goods and vouchers,
    13. Emailing marketing
  2. Writing data to the Portal, including use of the services of the Portal for all users charged according to the package chosen during registration services. Date of dispatch of the registration form is taken as the date of registration.
  3. Registration is contracted under the terms of these GTC (the "Agreement") for a period of 12 months from the date of its conclusion.
  4. All payments made in connection with the registration and the subsequent need to buy individual services on portal are non-refundable.
  5. ROYAL EBANK provides all the recipients of business services, specified in Article II, para. 1, in order to promote registered user, acquisition of potential customers and business information, which the user can take advantage of the trade. Service activation portal is part of the completion and confirmation of registration after payment made by the user. Some services on the server such as "Sending news and information in the mail", "Promotion of the logo", "Banners", "Mailing" and "First position" a possible recipient can then re-activated and used in its business profile.
  6. Portal services, including registration itself are charged according to the current price list pictured on the website (hereinafter the "fee"), and upon completion of each payment the user receives a receipt.
  7. The service "classification and promotion catalog" is fundamental Server service, which is paid during the registration price is based on a calendar year and is the publication of data on beneficiaries of all business portals residing on the server, and in the relevant section to allow third persons in case of interest in the services offered in the relevant section saw a detailed profile of the beneficiary and the receiver could straighten contact with his trade demand and supply. This service is ordering within each user registration and IS for each registered user charging, AS PART OF THE SERVICE ARE ALL OTHER TERMS AND TOOLS TO BE REGISTERED USERS AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE REGISTRATION after logging into its internal business account.
  8. Service "Promotion of products" is a paid service, which is part of the services classification and promotion in the catalog for the entire registration and presentation users, this service includes the possibility of recipients to publish its offer to all third parties on server came online, including the possibility of representation bids opening the entire server. Amount of promoted products depend on the service package, which the recipient chose during registration.
  9. Service "Promotion Discount" is a paid service, which is part of the services classification and promotion in the catalog for the entire registration and presentation users, this service includes the possibility of recipients to publish its offer to all third parties on server came online, including the possibility of representation bids opening the entire server. Quantity discounts promoted depends on the service package, which the recipient chose during registration.
  10. Service "Business demand is a paid service, whose fee is included in the registration fee for the inclusion and promotion in the catalog and is provided so that the registered user through this service automatically gets access to contacts on demanders's website for a period of 365 days from the registration and the possibility of sending warnings about placing all the demands specified in the relevant section of the site by third parties via e-mail to registered users. Registered user subscribing this service has the option after logging in on server view of any such requests, including contact data submitters inquiries.
  11. Service "Promotion Event" is a paid service, which is part of the services classification and promotion in the catalog for the entire registration and presentation users, this service includes the possibility of recipients to publish its offer events for all third parties on server came online, including the possibility of representation of events on the home page of the entire server. Quantity promoted events depends on service package, which the recipient chose during registration.
  12. Service "Promotion articles" is a paid service, which is part of the services classification and promotion in the catalog for the entire registration and presentation users, this service includes the possibility of recipients to publish their articles to all third parties on server came online, including the possibility illustrated article on opening the entire server. Quantity promoted articles depends on the service package, which the recipient chose during registration.
  13. Service "First position" is a paid service, the recipient of this service is a one-time achievement and promoted in the catalog to the first position, including its complete published product offerings, discounts, events and articles. The recipient of this service can be purchased repeatedly.
  14. Service "Banners" is a paid service, the service recipient display their banners on the portal 7 days, the position chosen during subscribe to this service. This service can be used repeatedly registered user.
  15. Service "Promotion of the logo" is a paid service, whose fee is paid once and for each logo shown. Using this service displays a registered user, your logo in the header of the catalog, including a reference to internal business account registered user.
  16. The service "management of internal business account" is a service where each register is also created internal business account, where a registered user can access and where to find all information about their services activated and where he has the opportunity to manage their profile and services.
  17. The service "Online sales of merchandise and discount vouchers' registered entrepreneur is a service that is activated every entrepreneur after completion and payment of an annual service package" Basic, Standard and Premium. " Goods and discount vouchers, which registered an entrepreneur promotes and sells through a portal B2C, each user can see the portal simply ordered and purchased directly by the seller by sending an order that is automatically sent to businesses directly to their email while the order is depicted in business profile registered entrepreneurs.
  18. For each order, the entrepreneur is obliged to pay the agency fee of 5-15% of the order amount without shipping, according to their chosen registration fee.
  19. To allow a registered user to collect funds raised by selling products and services through the portal, the user undertakes to create a register at one of the international online collection accounts, such as or can transfer cash to your bank account.
  20. Picking up money for goods sold and discount vouchers is indirect between registered user (seller) and customer-supplied trading platform B2C (purchaser), therefore all payments for goods and discount vouchers underway straighten among users outside the trading platform for B2C and trading platform B2C is not for those payments responsibility.
  21. Fees associated with the sale and collection of funds, such as the fee for the transfer of funds to pay registered user.
  22. Service "Mailing" is a premium service available to all registered users. This service allows you to create and send a newsletter from the user portal environment. The number of emails which a user can send within the packages Premium is 20,000. Email addresses must load into the user environment itself. Amount of emails that a user can submit a user can repeatedly re-buy.
  23. Prices registration packages and other services:
    1. Basic registration package - price 490, - CZK / year
    2. Standard registration package - price 990, - CZK / year,
    3. Premium registration package - price 1990, - CZK / year,
    4. Show Logo single price of 2, - EUR / 1 Logo
    5. First position single price 4, - EUR / 1x profile and complete offer on the first position
    6. Banners single price from 8, - EUR / view for 7 days
    7. Mailing single price 20, - EUR / 20000 e-mails
    8. First position of your advertising costs 2, - EUR / 1x first position of classified on portal
    9. Highlighting the advertisement or bid - price once 2, - EUR
  24. All services are paid in advance and upon receipt of payment is sent a confirmation of payment.
  25. Registered user may cancel the removal of the Services so that the Contract in accordance with these GTC denounced. The request for cancellation of registration shall be submitted by logging into the business account by clicking the "Cancel registration" when the process is automatically recorded and after the execution of the request is the user account is deleted.
  26. If a registered user requests for deregistration and disabling services catalog with effect before the end of the contract, it will registration be canceled with no refund of the proportional part of the amount paid for the annual registration and unused services



Consent to the processing of personal data


1.         Recipient hereby grants the Provider consent to the processing of their personal data that providers supply or for the duration of the contractual relationship between him and the Provider provides (hereinafter referred to as "Data"), for the purpose of offering any products in the scope of business of the Provider, as well as for marketing and commercial purposes and for presentation of any third party registered in the Portal.

2.         The recipient expressly agrees to the publication and communication of information provided at registration on the portal or information that providers supply for the conclusion of the Agreement or a later time for their promotion on the portal like. Recipient expressly agrees to provide personal data communicated Provider before entering into the Agreement and during.

3.        The recipient expressly agrees to the disclosure information included in the Portal or information that is told with a view to concluding the Contract Provider.

4.         The recipient agrees to the administration, processing and storage of their personal data, supplied by the pre-contract or during Provider. Administration and processing of personal data is performed in order to offer products, vouchers, services and other information all registered portal users, who use the service to promote and sell.

5.         Said agreement grants Recipient voluntarily, not for a fixed period, starting its grant until the expiry of 10 years from the termination of all obligations or other legal relations arising between beneficiaries and providers.

6.         The beneficiary undertakes to update the information.

7.         Beneficiary declares that it has been properly informed about the conditions of data processing and takes particular note of the lessons:

•    that communication of such information is terms of the contract,

•    the right to information about how their personal data is processed,

•    that in the event of the Provider for breach of duties imposed by law, has the right, subject to statutory conditions apply:

a) to another provider or administrator abstained infringement and removed the defective state,

b) to a correction of the data so that it is correct and accurate,

c) The data to be blocked or destroyed if it does not contradict other legislation,



Conflict solving

All disputes arising from this contract and in connection therewith shall be resolved irrevocably by the Arbitration Court of the International Arbitration Centre of Santo Domingo (IACSD) in Santo Domingo, National District (Distrito Nacional), Dominican Republic, according to its Rules and the Arbitration Act No. . 489-8 of the Dominican Republic and one (1) arbitrator appointed chairman of the tribunal.


Rules for entering information on the portal B2C

These rules are an integral part term and conditions and he is obliged to follow everyone who wants to advertise with us. In case of violation by the administrators are entitled to reject or delete advertisements and user accounts, so we recommend all advertisers to thoroughly read.

Observe decency and laws

Of course, the first rule is to decency and law abiding - please avoid defamatory statements, settling, promotion of various illegal political movements and not all the other things that are contrary to common decency and laws.

Follow the instructions given site administrators

B2C Administrator reserves the right to remove any content site, which is contrary to the laws, decent manners or is otherwise objectionable. At the same time, we reserve the right to disable access to users who are preserved as above or directly violates the rules and operating conditions, for example by blocking the registration, mailbox or IP addresses.

Advertise only in the appropriate sections

Please insert the advertisements, products, services, vouchers, and other businesses only in the appropriate categories. If for your ad can not find a suitable section, please feel free to contact us and we deliberately create a happy new section. Attention! The corresponding category does not mean a category related! E.g. offer of car insurance has nothing to do in this section cars! Here obviously belongs only to the individual specific advertising vehicles.

Advertise one thing in one section only once

For violation of the rules of good advertising also consider the re-entry of the same or a similar ad to one category several times, and users who repeatedly it will do are in danger of locking your account or IP address. If eg. You advertise a job offer, insert it into the section just once - let's restate the motions, it's still the same thing, and there may only occur once.

Advertise reasonably

The server is designed primarily for private advertising, ie. although they can insert advertisements and companies, everyone must respect the limits set by the administrator. We do not want unnecessary congestion advertising inserting several consecutive ads from the same user or congestion one section of ads from one advertiser in general. Generally, you should not be placed in one section more than two ads from one advertiser behind. Unacceptable is also where automation marketplace that is not expressly permitted by our administrators. Circumvention is considered a violation and the violator is issued by the aforementioned penalties.

Corporate advertising only for registered businesses

Commercial advertising on multiple trades simultaneously must be promoted within a company profile, ie. company must have at least a free registration in the directory of companies and insert advertisements as a company. We are concerned about the transparency of advertising - no reputable company does not need to hide behind the anonymous account and unserious companies do not want B2C portal. It is also forbidden to headlines, advertisements, articles, etc. company name or a link to its Web site, from which there is a record in company catalog. Ignoring this rule leads not only to delete the advertisements, but also to delete the user account.

Advertise only specific goods and services

It is permitted to advertise only a specific object or service. Free advertising is not (as opposed to paid advertising) designed for one's promotion, but for direct buying and selling. If, for example. We sell computers, so choose from their menu, some specific pieces and advertise each individual advertisements - on end of the text ad can of course be noted that the more you sell.

Advertise so that candidate learned vital information

It is prohibited to insert advertisements such as "write your e-mail for more information." Text that can be inserted to AD, is long enough to express the overwhelming majority of tenders. Attracting emails from people and concealment of suspicious activities in our country will not tolerate. This is especially true for job offers and brigades, where it is necessary to specify particular requirements for candidates and job description on the position, otherwise it will be blocked advertisements.

Use as specific as possible links

Links advertisements only into the box, which is reserved for it and sent it as accurately as possible. It must be a Web link directly to the article or service (not any homepage of companies where the buyer has the object or service still dohledávat).

Prohibition of commission schemes

It is forbidden to advertise websites or services that operate on principle called. Refferal or affiliate programs. The essence of these programs is the commission to the advertiser for each additional user, which brings. At that itself is not a bad thing, but unfortunately it ultimately leads to congestion advertising links on the same sites, which is obviously detrimental to visitors.

Disable Script Injection and animated images

It is prohibited to insert animated GIFs - Animation is reserved for advertising and not for advertising and many users are unnecessarily harassed. It is also forbidden to unauthorized elements such as phone and email to advertising content, zdrovojé codes and scripts instead of text, and so on. For such behavior threatens immediate deletion of the user and a fine of up to 3.000, - USD.

Ban on competition

It is prohibited to insert links to other advertising or auction sites, or otherwise make advertising competition, ie. oriented sites as well as czech B2C, in addition to promoting individual business profiles - if you want to sell through B2C portals, do it please you. If the operator captures such promotion may be withdrawn without notice.

You must ascend transparently

It is forbidden to create multiple user accounts. It is forbidden to enter false information and if the detection of fraud attempts or damage the reputation of the Parties, the user will be charged a penalty 100.000 EUR for each such negotiations. 

Prohibition of suspected fraudulent advertising and advertising

In addition to ads that violate the rules above, there are also some problematic kinds of advertisements, which we based on feedback from users Hyperinzerce not interested. This is eg. A job in different centers wellness, regeneration, etc., Works of beauty consultants, as well as various PTC, receiving promotional emails, filling out questionnaires, distributing leaflets, assembling products, etc. These advertisements often contain a great risk of fraud and "aircraft "hiding behind various MLM and affiliate referral systems and their advertisers often violate other rules and tend to spam. These advertisements will therefore focus and most of them immediately rejected and erasing user accounts to those who contributed.



Final Provisions

1.         Administrator of the portal has the right ordered and paid for services not to deliver  without notice if there would be a scandal or injury to another entity or visitor portal.

2.        In case of termination, the Parties agree that the provisions in the Contract or these GTC said that according to their nature have continued even after the contractual relationship established by the Treaty remain in effect continues.

3.         Delivery within the legal relationship established by the Treaty is done electronically, or to the address of residence / office parties, or to any other address which the Contracting Parties communicate to each other.

4.         The Parties undertake to confidentiality and contractual relationship based contract, including its closure and the conditions of its conclusion. In case, if the recipient of the information on this contractual relationship published in the media, the Internet, or otherwise made available to the general public or allow such disclosure, they undertake to pay to the other Party therefore ROYAL EBANK Nadační Fond contractual penalty in the amount of 10.000, - USD for each such meeting.

5.         The Parties also agreed that on the basis of a valid authorization is strictly forbidden to damage the reputation of the operator site or other contractual partners on the Internet by registered businesses - the beneficiary, even after deregistration. In the event of breach of this obligation, the beneficiary shall pay the Provider a contractual penalty in the amount of 10.000, - USD for each individual breach.

6.        Contractual penalties according to these GTC are always due on the date when the right on pay them, and do not include the right to compensation, which may require the authorized party next penalty.

7. These GTC enter into force and effect for new users of the portal from 01.09. 2016. The Provider is entitled to unilaterally change these GTC. This change to the other side notified by posting a new version of GTC on The recipient is entitled to this new version of refuse communication provider within 30 days of posting GTC that the parties expressly agree that if the change of beneficiary explicitly rejected, it is understood that the day following the expiry of that period, changes the content of the obligation according on text of the new GTC. In the event that the recipient under this new arrangement GTC rejects the content remains unchanged commitment and subject to continued existing GTC.


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